These maps are intended for the community groups and will be password protected for 1 week.

Maps  Documentation
 Priors Hardwick

Priors Hardwick map (pdf, 730kb)
 Priors Hardwick Mitigation Proposal V3 July 2012 (msword, 27kb)
Ladbroke map (pdf, 740kb)
  Report on the potential impacts of HS2 on the environment and heritage of Ladbroke (pdf1.4mb)
An assessment of Noise Impact upon the Village of Ladbroke (pdf, 229kb)
 Southam/Long Itchington
Long Itchington Woods Southam (pdf, 1.2mb)
Offchurch map (pdf, 805kb)
 Changes to the vertical alignment of HS2 across Offchurch parish v2 (msword, 20kb)
Changes in the track bed height of HS2 between the 4 proposals 17Jan12 (msword, 26kb)
HS2 and Footpaths Mitigation final (msword, 47kb)
OCCF-001 Offchurch and Cubbington mitigation summary (msxl, 42kb)

Cubbington map (pdf, 872kb)
 South Cubbington Wood mitigation version2-1 (pdf, 2.6mb)
OCCF-001 Offchurch and Cubbington mitigation summary (msxl, 42kb)
Showground Stareton map (pdf, 1mb)
 Further mitigation measures proposed by Stoneleigh Park Residents (pdf, 4.3mb)
A46 Stoneleigh (pdf, 1.1mb)
 Stoneleigh mitigation 12 August final (msword, 2.2mb)
 Kenilworth/Crackley Gap

Kenilworth Crackley A46 (East) (pdf, 1.4mb)
Kenilworth Burton Green Crackley A46 (West) (pdf, 1.1mb)
 HS2 Kenilworth Alignment Proposal Paper – FINAL 12Jul12 (pdf, 60kb)
CRA Engineering and Mitigation Preferences – June 2012 final (pdf, 140kb)
 Burton Green/Kenilworth
Burton Green (Central) (pdf, 1.4mb)
Burton Green Crackley (East) (pdf, 1.1mb)
Burton Green Crackley (West) (pdf, 1.6mb)
 Burton Green Residents Association statement (msword, 26kb)
Burton Green Village Hall Committee (msword, 25kb)
Burton Green Church of England Primary    School presentation (msword, 22kb)
Presentation from Burton Green HS2 Action Group, (msword, 25kb)
Tunnel Mitigation Kenilworth (msword, 2.1mb)

Why Burton Green should have a deep bored tunnel (pdf, 27kb)
Friends of the Kenilworth to Berkswell Greenway (pdf, 446kb)
Tunnel BGend (pdf, 956kb)
Tunnel BCend (pdf, 736kb)

Coleshill M42 (North), (pdf, 1.8mb)
Coleshill M42 (South), (pdf, 2.1mb)
 Coleshill Junction Community Forum (msword, 25kb)Composite Sections (pdf, 5mb)
 Coleshill – Water Orto
nWater Orton Curdworth (pdf, 1.6mb)
 FOI WOAG Alternative final (pdf, 761kb)
WOAG Down Spur Alternative final (pdf, 2.4mb)
Middelton (North) (pdf, 1mb)
Middelton (South) (pdf, 1.2mb)
  Middleton part 1 of 2 July 11 (pdf, 6.4mb)
Middleton part 2 of 2 July 11 (pdf, 4mb)