Hybrid Bill

The HS2 hybrid bill, the legislation to build Phase One of the railway, is currently progressing through Parliament with a target date of December 2016 to receive Royal Assent.

The HS2 Commons Select Committee has concluded by publishing its final report final report after hearing 1,600 petitions over almost two years.

Warwickshire County Council appeared before the select committee for a second time on January 18 (2016) to present its case on HS2 Ltd’s amendments to the original hybrid bill (known as Additional Provisions). The county council submitted two petitions on the amendments to seek better outcomes and lessen the impact of HS2 on highways issues, ecology matters and potential flood risk. Other concerns were raised about specific local issues such as the railhead site at Kingsbury, construction traffic near Stoneleigh and the provision of a cycleway linking Ladbroke and Southam.

On Wednesday 23 March the bill received a third reading in the House of Commons and has been introduced into the House of Lords where a committee will hear further petitions on any matters outstanding from those “directly or specially affected”. This is due to take place in Spring 2016.

The House of Lords will then follow a similar process to the Commons in that there will be a Committee Stage, Report Stage and Third Reading before both Houses consider any amendments. Once both Houses are in agreement, the Queen will provide Royal Assent for the Bill to become law. Construction of HS2 is scheduled to begin in early 2017.

Full details of the hybrid bill process and details of petitioning

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Parliamentary contact details for hybrid bill


The Following Parish Council’s have copies of the HS2 Hybrid Bill is available for viewing.

Awaiting viewing information on remaining Parish Council’s.

Parish Hybrid Bill sections and format held To view
Cubbington Parish Council
Welsh Road
Leamington Spa
Electronic copy only Call 01926 338704 or email
clerk@cubbington.org.uk to make arrangements to view.
Hodnell and Wills Pastures Parish Meeting
Hodnell Manor
Electronic copy,
Area Reports
Write to Mr D Smith at Hodnell Manor to make arrangements to view.
Kenilworth Town Council
Jubilee House
Smalley Place
Electronic copy,
The Bill,
Explanatory Notes, NTS, ES vols 1,3 & 4,
CFA area reports and maps for relevant area.
Call 01926 859155 or email kentc@kenilworth.org
to book a time which is convenient where a
standalone PC with internet access will be provided.
Kingsbury Parish Council
25 Ascot Drive
B77 1QP
Electronic Only Call 01827 265940 or email suekpc1@tiscali.co.uk to arrange to view
Ladbroke Parish Council
5 Shepherds Hill
Electronic copy only Call 01926 815417 or email
clerk-ladbrokepc@tiscali.co.uk to make arrangements to view.
Lea Marston Parish Council
21 Westwood View
B24 0JF
Electronic copy only To arrange to view the electronic documents at
Nether Whitacre, Village Hall, Station Road, Nether Whitacre
please email howard267@btinternet.com
Long Itchington Parish Council
The Community Centre
Stockton Road
Long Itchington
Electronic copy only Call 01926 815216 or email: liparishcouncil@btconnect.com
to arrange to view
Middleton Parish Council
The Orchard
Coppice Lane
B78 2AR
Electronic copy  Call 07786 080441 or email clerk@middleton.co.uk
Napton on the Hill Parish Council
1 High Street
Electronic copy,
Area Reports
Call 01926 815499 or
to make arrangements to view.
Offchurch Parish Council
Village Street
Leamington Spa
Electronic copy
Area reports
Call Mike Burgun on 01926 339691
or email michael.burgun@btinternet.com
for details of when the bill will be available
to view in the Village Hall
Southam Town Council
The Grange Hall
Coventry Road
Electronic copy only Visit Southam Town Council offices between 9am and 12.30pm to view.
Stoneleigh and Ashow Parish Council
8 Stoneleigh Close
Electronic copy, plus the Bill, Explanatory Notes, NTS, ES vols 1,3 & 4, CFA area reports and maps for relevant area. Call Richard Hancox on 07766804380 or email richard.hancox@amey.co.uk to arrange to view.
Ufton Parish Council
14 White Hart Lane
Leamington Spa
Electronic copy,
Area reports
Please call 01926 612986 or email ian@account-able.co.uk
to make arrangements to view.
Wishaw and Moxhull Parish Council
The Elms
Grove Lane
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B76 9PH
 Electronic only Email HilaryElse@btinternet.com to arrange to view


HS2 Hybrid Bill is available for viewing at the following Warwickshire Libraries

Library Hybrid Bill sections and format held Opening hours
Kenilworth Library
Smalley Place
Electronic copy only Mon/Tues/Thu/Fri 9.00-17.30
Wed 10.00-17:30
Sat 9.00-13:00
Sun closed
Leamington Spa Library
Royal Pump Rooms
Leamington Spa
Full printed set. Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri 9.30-18:00
Thu 10.00-19:00
Sat 09:30-16:30
Sun 12:00-16:00
Warwick Library
Shire Hall
PO Box 2
Electronic copy only Mon-Thu 08:00-17:30
Fri 08:00-17:00
Sat 09:00-16:00
Sun closed
Atherstone Library and Information Centre
Long Street
Electronic copy only Mon 9:30-16:00
Tue/Wed 9.30-17:00
Thu 9:30-13:00
Fri 9.30-16:00
Sat 9:30-13:00
Sun closed
Coleshill Library
19a Parkfield Road
Electronic copy only Mon/We/Fri/Sat 9:30-12:30
Tue/Thu 9:30-12:30 and 13:30 -17:30.
Polesworth Library and Information Centre
Bridge Street
Electronic copy only Mon/Wed/Sun closed
Tues 9:30-13:00 and 14:00 -19:00
Thur/Fri 9:30-13;00 and 14:00-18:00
Sat 9:30-13:00
Water Orton Community Library
Mickle Meadow
Coleshill Road
Water Orton
Electronic copy only Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Sun closed
Fri/Sat 9:00-13:00
Southam Library
Unit 9
Brewster’s Corner
Pendicke Street
Electronic copy only Mon/Tue 9:30-17:30
Wed/Sun closed
Thu/Fri 9:30-17:30
Sat 9:30-12:30