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HS2 Phase 2b – Birmingham to Leeds

The route in Warwickshire

HS2 Phase Two routes from Birmingham to Manchester and Leeds has been divided into Phases 2a and 2b. Phase 2b is the eastern line to Leeds and will travel through North Warwickshire directly affecting the following communities: Kingsbury, Piccadilly, Birchmoor, Polesworth and Austrey.


Total length of HS2 Phase 2b in Warwickshire

17.42 kilometres (Source: measurement by WCC Corporate GIS team via HS2 Ltd 2013 dataset)

Estimated population impact

6,050 Warwickshire residents live within 500m of the Phase 2b route. (Source: WCC Corporate GIS Team measured HS2 Output Areas and 2011 Census data, Office for National Statistics 2015 population estimates)

Impact on County Council assets

The Phase 2b route passes through both Kingsbury Water Park and Pooley Country Park in North Warwickshire on viaducts.

Kingsbury Water Park:

624 acres of park land

366,000 annual visitors in 2015/16

Supports 40 local jobs

(Source: WCC Country Parks Service)

Pooley Country Park:

154 acre site

32,000 visitors each year

One third of the park is designated SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest)

(Source: WCC Country Parks Service)



13 roads in Warwickshire are directly affected by Phase 2b (Source: HS2 Ltd Route Engineering Report 2016, pages 17- 23)

Plan and Profile Maps


Ref No. Road  name/ location Highway impact Notes  HS2 plan reference

(4 plans in total)

1 Bodymoor Heath Road Unclear. HS2 line lowered by 3.6m compared to 2013 plan (Ref: C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-550101)

Road likely to go over HS2 viaduct due to proximity of M42.

Details on the latest plan are not workable as road level shown is only just above rail line level.

See Section 3.2.1.



2 A51 Tamworth Road Road go under new HS2 viaduct. HS2 on viaduct between 4-14m high in this area. C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580101
3 Whateley Lane Loop Loop road over HS2 line. See Section 3.2.4 C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580101
4 Whateley Lane Road taken over HS2 line. See Section 3.2.4 C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580101

& C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580102

5 Overwoods Road Road taken over HS2 line. See Section 3.2.4 C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580102
6 M42 J10 (leg of A5) A5 over HS2 line in a cut and cover tunnel. Major temporary diversion works of M42. North of J10 HS2 line in deep 10-14m cutting. C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580102
7 M42 J10 (leg of Green Lane) Green Lane over HS2 line in a cut and cover tunnel. See Section 3.3.3 of report. C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580102
8 Green Lane near Birchmoor Green Lane over HS2 line in a cut and cover tunnel. See Section 3.3.3 of report. Green Lane replacement. Temporary closure. C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580102
9 Hermitage Lane Road amendment not specified in the Nov16 plans. C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580601
10 B5000 Tamworth Road Road over rail line. Section 3.3.4 outlines existing B5000 to be raised by 4m. C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580601
11 Linden Lane /Shuttington Road Road under HS2 viaduct. C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580601
12 Newton Lane Road amendment not specified in the Nov16 plans. Line moved closer to Austrey village from 2013 plan C321-MMD-RT-DPP-110-580602
13 No Mans Heath Road Road under HS2 line, rail track on a bridge. See Section 3.3.8 of report.

Line moved closer to Austrey village since 2013 plan.



Public Rights Of Way impact

There are a total of 17 Public Rights Of Way in Warwickshire directly impacted by Phase 2b (Source: WCC Public Rights of Way team)

The following list details the public rights of way that will be crossed by HS2.

Location Description PROW Reference
Austrey footpath T140
Austrey E-road E11 Garbour Lane
Austrey footpath AE4
Polesworth bridleway AE3
Polesworth footpath AE16
Polesworth footpath AE17
Dordon bridleway AE56
Whateley footpath T170
Whateley footpath T177
Whateley footpath AE203
Whateley footpath T170
Whateley E-road E994 Back Lane
Kingsbury bridleway T67
Kingsbury footpath T25
Kingsbury footpath M22
Lea Marston bridleway M23a
Bodymoor Heath byway M450

*Note: Salt Street is currently subject to joint research between LCC and WCC to determine its status and whether it should be recorded on the Definitive Maps – likely to be either a byway or restricted byway.

Further facts and impacts in the area will be added to the report once more information is available from HS2 Ltd.

Correct at 12/12/16