Council offered ‘assurance’ on HS2

Update 8 April 2016

Warwickshire County Council has received the offer of a range of assurances from HS2 Ltd to further mitigate the impact of the high speed railway on the county.

HS2 Ltd has set out its position on a number of issues raised by the county council including improvements to the A46 junction at Stoneleigh, highways, rights of way and ecology matters.

The concerns were raised in WCC’s petitions submitted to Parliament on the Additional Provisions (AP) for the scheme. AP’s are amendments issued to the original Government’s hybrid Bill legislation for High Speed Rail 2 (HS2).

The authority appeared in front of the House of Commons HS2 Select Committee in January to present its case on outstanding issues.

The assurances are listed below.

HS2 Assurance Letter – No Net Loss (pdf, 420  Kb)

HS2 Assurance A46-A452 (pdf, 785  Kb)

CT-06-084 – Banbury Road (pdf, 1,084.2 Mb)

HS2 Assurance Ladbroke-Southam Cycleway (pdf, 352 Kb)

20151202 Ecology Letter – FINAL (pdf, 286 Kb)

20160108 – A46 Assurance Letter (pdf, 687 Kb)

CT-05-084 – Banbury Road (pdf, 1,035.3 Mb)

CT-06-084 – Banbury Road (pdf, 1,084.2 Mb)

20151104 Letter on Highways – FINAL (pdf, 531 Kb)

CT-05-113-R1 (pdf, 795 Kb)

CT-05-113 (pdf, 698 Kb)

20160108 – TMS and Offchurch Cycleway Assurance Letter_1 (pdf, 399 Kb)

20160108 – TMS and Offchurch Cycleway Assurance Letter (pdf, 399 Kb)

20160108 – KRR Assurance Letter (pdf, 620 Kb)

20151104 PAL – Kingsbury Road Railhead (pdf, 505 Kb)

20151104 Letter on Flood Risk – FINAL (pdf, 766 Kb)