The HS2 Select Committee announces decisions on Warwickshire issues

The HS2 Select Committee announces decisions on Warwickshire issues

The chairman of the HS2 Select Committee, Mr Robert Syms MP, has given his views on petitions relating to communities in Cubbington, Offchurch, Southam, Long Itchington and Wormleighton.

He said HS2 Ltd should review the case for lowering the line in this part of Warwickshire but it is unlikely to merit a tunnel under Cubbington and Offchurch due to the extra construction traffic involved. There is also no case for longer tunnel at Long Itchington, the chairman said.

Mr Syms is concerned about the effect on businesses in Southam from construction works, and expects HS2 Ltd to minimise the impact of this and provide reassurance on traffic management.

The committee has requested provision be made for a pedestrian crossing in Ufton, funded by HS2 Ltd, and a roundabout installed on the junction of Fosse Way and Long Itchington Road to cater for construction traffic from nearby compound.


Mr Syms said that the extension of the green tunnel by 50 metres at either end was satisfactory and that the cost of a deep-bored tunnel, or a cut-and-cover tunnel, would not provide value for money to the scheme.


The deep-bored tunnel is estimated to cost between £179.5 million and £645m, while the cut-and-cover option would be between £28m and £32m.


He added that the relocation of the village hall is being worked on and HS2 Ltd’s budget for this should be “generous”. The promoter has also been ordered to find specific ways to support pupil numbers at the primary school during construction and for one year after the railway opens.

Finally, Mr Syms ruled out a tunnel option for the Wormleighton area because of the potentially intrusive issue of spoil removal, but he did issue a directive for HS2 Ltd to look at lowering the height of the line.