HS2 Residents’ Charter

HS2 Residents’ Charter

HS2 has launched a Residents’ Charter, with the aim of ensuring that residents are treated in a fair, clear, competent and reasonable manner.

The Resident’s Charter sets the standards that HS2 will aim to meet when communicating with people who apply to the property schemes available for each phase of the route.

For Phase Two, there is currently one scheme available: the Phase Two Exceptional Hardship Scheme (Phase Two EHS). Property owners living along the Phase Two route who are in a situation of exceptional hardship and have an urgent need to sell, but have not been able to do so, except at a substantially reduced price because of the railway, can apply to the Exceptional Hardship Scheme.

A Residents’ Commissioner, Deborah Fazan, has also been appointed to ensure that HS2 Ltd meets its commitment to the communication standards and personal support set out in the new charter.

Propety compensation update on Phase One

The Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin has announced a package of compensation and assistance for property owners along the Phase One (the London to West Midlands section) of HS2. The announcement follows a public consultation on two additional schemes that ran from July to September 2014. Details of all the property schemes.

For Phase Two (the section from the West Midlands to Leeds, Manchester and beyond) there will be a separate consultation on property schemes.