HS2 in Hansard 13/10/2014

TheParliamentary Under-Secretary of State forTransport
(Mr Robert Goodwill): The Department for Transport
and HS2 Ltd have announced two new funds that will
provide an additional £30 million of Government support
for communities and local economies situated close to
the route of HS2 phase one.
HS2 is crucial to the long-term prosperity of this
country. It will free up space on our railways, cut
journey times between our biggest cities and drive forward
our economy for years to come. However, it is only right
we do all we can to help those living and working close
to this vital railway. The Community and Environment
Fund and the Business and Local Economy Fund are
being introduced to further help those on phase one of
the route between London and the West Midlands.
The £30 million that will be provided from these two
funds is in addition to the comprehensive package of
support we have already announced and will further
help communities and businesses make the most of this
once-in-a-generation scheme and crucial part of the
Government’s long-term economic plan.
The Community and Environment Fund will support
local projects that bring community and environmental
benefits to areas affected by HS2, in a similar way that
the countryside initiative did for HS1. Examples of
projects that could be supported include refurbishment
of local community centres or sports grounds and
environmental conservation and enhancement. All projects
supported by this fund will be in addition to the extensive
environmental mitigation already set out within the
HS2 Bill and environmental statement.
The Business and Local Economy Fund will support
local economies and hence employment, for example,
by supporting activities that increase footfall in areas
affected by HS2 construction. This fund responds to
the representations that honourable Members have made
on behalf of businesses in their constituencies that are
on the phase one line of route. It is in addition to the
wide-ranging measures that we will put in place to
enable local people and businesses to obtain employment
and contracts arising out of the construction and operation
of the railway.
HS2 Ltd will be working with the not-for-profit charity
NewPhilanthropyCapital,which has extensive experience
of similar grant schemes, to ensure the funds are delivered
in the most effective way possible. They will also advise
HS2 Ltd on eligibility and application criteria informed
by engagement with local authorities and local enterprise
partnerships. We expect to announce full details of the
funds, following this work, in early 2015 with the funds
becoming available following Royal Assent of the HS2
hybrid Bill.