HS2 in Hansard 26/06/2014


HS2 Safeguarding Directions
The Secretary of State for Transport (Mr Patrick
McLoughlin): I can today inform the House that
under the Town and Country Planning (Development
Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010, I have
issued updated and revised safeguarding directions to
local planning authorities along the London to west
midlands HS2 route. These adjust the previous directions
issued in October 2013 tomore closelymatch the description
of the scheme set out in the HS2 hybrid Bill and
accompanying environmental statement currently before
the House.
Safeguarding directions aim to ensure that land which
has been earmarked for major infrastructure projects is
protected fromconflicting developments before construction
starts. They also enable many of those who own property
in the safeguarded area to serve a blight notice and
request that the Government purchase their property
under the terms of the compensation code.
As the Government are no longer planning on building
a link between HS1 and HS2 at the London end of the
railway, the relevant land has also been removed from
HS2Ltd is writing to all knownproperty and landowners
within the relevant areas to notify them of the revised
directions, and their effect.
Safeguarding directions also trigger statutory blight
procedures under the Town and Country Planning Act
1990. Owner-occupiers of properties within the safeguarded
area who wish to move may apply to sell their property
to the Government by serving a blight notice. If they
meet the relevant criteria they can expect to receive the
“un-blighted” open market value of their home, a home
loss payment of 10% of the value of their home—up to
£47,000—and reasonable moving costs such as legal
fees, and stamp duty on a replacement property.
As I announced on 9 April, Official Report,
column 19WS, the HS2 express purchase scheme now
applies in the surface safeguarded area. The scheme
provides eligible property owners with the same
compensation entitlement, whether or not their property
is required for the scheme. Where an area of land has
been removed from the safeguarded area by these new
safeguarding directions, the express purchase scheme
will remain available to owners of properties in that
area—the extended home owner protection zone—for
five years. This does not apply to properties along the
formerly proposed link between HS1 and HS2, which
will no longer be close to the high-speed railway. Full
information and maps describing the new directions, as
well as guidance and application forms for express
purchase and other property compensation schemes,
are available at,  www.hs2.org.uk or by phoning the
HS2 Ltd public enquiries line on 020 7944 4908