HS2 in Hansard 10/06/2014

High Speed 2 Railway Line

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for
Transport what the costs to date has been of the
preparation work for the connection of High Speed 2
to High Speed 1. [199307]
Mr Goodwill: In response to the HS2 Plus report by
Sir David Higgins, the Secretary of State for Transport,
my right hon. Friend the Member for Derbyshire Dales
(MrMcLoughlin), has decided to remove the HS1-HS2
link from the Phase One Hybrid Bill. The proposed link
required too many compromises in terms of impacts on
freight, passengers and the community in Camden.
We believe there is a good strategic case for links to
the continent but we need to select the right long term
answer. The Secretary of State has therefore asked HS2
Ltd and Network Rail to consider how to improve
connections from HS2 and the existing rail network to
the Continent.We are currently developing the scope of
the proposed study, which will explore options that will
stand the test of time. As a result, at this stage no
significant costs have been incurred in relation to the