HS2 in Hansard 21/01/2014

High Speed 2 Railway Line

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for

Transport whether further changes will be made to the

HS2 phase one environmental statement in the event of

mistakes of fact being identified in that document.


Mr Goodwill: As set out in the European environmental

impact assessment (EIA) directive, an environmental

statement (ES) must set out the likely significant

environmental effects of a scheme. In the event that

further information is required for the HS2 phase one

ES to meet these requirements, this supplementary

environmental information will be provided under the

procedure set out in Standing Order 224A.

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for

Transport what terms of reference were used by his

Department in selecting a preferred candidate for the

role of independent assessor with responsibility for

reviewing contributions made to the Phase 1 HS2

Environmental Statement consultation. [183773]

Mr Goodwill: In accordance with standing orders the

independent assessor was appointed by the House

authorities and the Department had no role in the

selection process for the assessor.

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for

Transport who has been chosen to act as independent

assessor in respect of the current phase 1 HS2

environmental statement consultation; whether his

Department chose the candidates to fulfil the role of

independent assessor; and what compensation is

payable to the independent assessor. [183774]

Mr Goodwill: Parliament appointed Golders Associates

(UK) to be the independent assessor. The Department

had no role in the choice of the independent assessor.

Parliament has agreed the terms of the contract with

the independent assessor, including compensation. The

charges will be passed on to the Secretary of State for

Transport in accordance with Standing Orders but we

have not yet been informed of the total amount of that