Full HS2 Consultation Roadshow to be held in Polesworth on Wednesday 15th January

Dan Byles, the North Warwickshire MP who is leading the local campaign against High Speed Rail, has succeeded in bringing HS2 engineers and planners back to North Warwickshire for a final, additional consultation roadshow Wednesday 15th January.

As part of the Phase 2 route consultation, HS2 Ltd held a series of information events along the proposed route. When it was revealed that no roadshow was planned for Polesworth in North Warwickshire, Dan Byles stepped in and arranged for HS2 staff to come to Polesworth on the 11th of October to speak to local people. The event was so well attended that now the MP has arranged for a second, larger event to take place next Wednesday the 15th of January at the North Warwickshire & Hinckley College campus on Polesworth High Street.

Dan Byles said: “I wasn’t happy when Polesworth and the surrounding villages weren’t given a consultation roadshow of their own, and so along with the borough and parish councils I pushed for HS2 Ltd to come to Polesworth to speak with local people – which they did in October. However I was struck by the large number of local people who attended, far more than attended the more comprehensive road shows held in Kingsbury and Tamworth.

“That’s why when I met with the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin before Christmas I argued that we needed another, larger and more comprehensive consultation roadshow in the area. We are the worst affected area outside of London, and local people need every opportunity to fully understand the implications for our community. I am delighted that as a result of my meeting with the Secretary of State, he has now ordered HS2 Ltd to come back to North Warwickshire for an additional, fully comprehensive information roadshow on the Phase 2 route.

“The event will run from 12pm to 8pm on Wednesday 15th January at the North Warwickshire & Hinckley College campus on Polesworth High Street. I strongly urge anyone who wants to speak directly with the HS2 engineers and planners, and to better understand the details of the proposed route and the implications for our local area, to come along – even if they came to the last one. There will be more HS2 staff present and more information available. Representatives from my office will be there all day to offer their assistance, and anyone with a personal issue relating to blight or compensation can discuss that in private with my constituency caseworkers. This is your last opportunity to directly question HS2 staff before the Phase 2 consultation ends on 31 January. Don’t miss it!”