HS2 in Hansard 11/11/2013


High Speed 2 Railway Line

Jeremy Lefroy: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what cost of investment capital his Department used to calculate the figures included in the Strategic Case for HS2. [173477]

Mr Goodwill: For the purposes of the economic appraisal of HS2, we have assumed that the funding and financing of HS2 infrastructure will come entirely from central Government funds.

While our base assumption is that Government is likely to have a central role in driving forward investment in this vital infrastructure for the countrywe will continue to examine the potential for private financing to reduce the up-front capital demand on the taxpayer and offer value for money.

Jeremy Lefroy: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport how many people in Stafford constituency have (a) applied to have, (b) been approved to have or (c) had their home purchased under the High Speed 2 exceptional hardship scheme to date. [173479]

Mr Goodwill: In the constituency of Stafford under the High Speed 2 Exceptional Hardship Scheme to date:

(a) six applications have been received;

(b) three applications have been accepted (three are awaiting a decision); and

(c) no purchases have been completed.

Jeremy Lefroy: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport if he will commission an assessment of the option of slower trains allowing a new north-south railway to better follow existing transport corridors and landscape as an alternative to High Speed 2. [173876]

Mr Goodwill: HS2 Ltd published a review of route alignments for HS2 Phase One in January 2012, in particular reviewing the case for an alignment in the Chiltern Line and M40 corridors and an alignment in the M1 corridor. These were found to cost £3 billion and £2.2 billion more than the consultation route respectively while producing less economic benefit.

The route for Phase Two is currently the subject of a public consultation. On the Eastern leg, fromBirmingham to Leeds, a significant proportion of the route runs in existing transport corridors (the M42 and the M1). On the Western leg, from Birmingham to Manchester, the options report published by HS2 Ltd reviewed a short listed alternative alignment in the M6 corridor rather than the west coast main line corridor that is the subject of the consultation.