HS2 In Hansard 28/10/2013

High Speed 2 Railway Line

Frank Dobson: To ask the Secretary of State for

Transport if he will instruct HS2 Ltd to commission

KPMG to analyse the potential scale, range and distribution

of regional economic impacts of alternatives to High

Speed 2. [172419]

Mr Goodwill: The Government has no current plans

to instruct HS2 Ltd to commission KPMG to undertake

the work suggested.

Previous work conducted for the Department to assess

the rail alternatives to HS2 concluded that further

enhancements of the existing network cannot produce

the same level of benefits as HS2. It would provide only

a fraction of the additional capacity released by HS2,

and only at the cost of hugely disruptive engineering

works on lines that are intensively used by passengers

day in, day out. Building a new high speed network is

the best way to provide the extra capacity that is required

on our railways.

Helen Jones: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport

if he will direct HS2 Ltd to commission research on the

effects on small businesses in the Culcheth and Rixton

area of Warrington of road closures and other disruption

resulting from the building of the High Speed 2 line on

the initial preferred route. [172625]

Mr Goodwill: We are currently consulting on a proposed

Phase Two route and detailed proposals for highway

modifications and construction have not yet been developed.

Once the public consultation is complete and a preferred

route is chosen, an environmental impact assessment

will be undertaken at which point the necessary surveys

will be conducted.

Construction impacts will be managed through the

implementation of a code of construction practice which

will set out the key principles to be followed to avoid,

reduce or manage the construction effects associated

with HS2.