HS2 in Hansard 16/10/2013

High Speed 2 Railway Line

Michael Fabricant: To ask the Secretary of State for

Transport if he will estimate the cost of constructing

High Speed 2 adjacent to existing transport corridors

and not tunnelling the route. [170669]

Mr Goodwill: HS2 Ltd published a review of route

alignments for HS2 Phase One in January 2012, in

particular reviewing the case for an alignment in the

Chiltern Line and M40 corridors and an alignment in

the M1 corridor. These were found to cost £3 billion

and £2.2 billion more than the consultation route

respectively. Neither route could be built to the same

design speed as HS2 with both options therefore producing

fewer economic benefits than the consultation route.

The route for Phase Two is currently the subject of a

public consultation. On the eastern leg a significant

proportion of the route runs in existing transport corridors

(the M42 and the M1). The options report published by

HS2 Ltd reviewed a short listed alternative alignment in

the M6 corridor rather than theWCML corridor that is

the subject of the consultation.

Alec Shelbrooke: To ask the Secretary of State for

Transport whether High Speed 2 will be used for freight.


Mr Goodwill: The new HS2 infrastructure is expected

to be built to accommodate the larger ‘GC’ gauge trains

associated with high speed railways so itmay be technically

possible for high speed freight trains such as the CAREX

air freight trains to operate over HS2 subject to capacity

on the line to accommodate such trains.

The HS2 scheme design does not make provision for

any associated rail freight facilities.

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport

what maximumreduction in value of a property negatively

affected by High Speed 2 his Department considers

acceptable. [171077]

Mr Goodwill: The market value of buildings scheduled

for demolition in order to build HS2 will be greatly

reduced. Owners of those buildings will be entitled to

compensation according to the terms of the Compensation

Code. TheGovernment is currently consulting on proposed

discretionary policies to provide further support to

property owners around the HS2 Phase One route. One

of the aims of those proposals is to encourage normal

local property market conditions where possible. We

will consider respondents’ views before taking final


Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport

what meetings his Department has had with the (a)

British Bankers Association, (b) Council of Mortgage

Lenders and (c) Association of British Insurers on

compensation and blight related matters prior to the

launch of the recent consultation on compensation

relating to High Speed 2. [171078]

Mr Goodwill: Department for Transport and HS2

Ltd officials meet the Council of Mortgage Lenders as

part of a multilateral group of interested organisations,

and those meetings have included discussion of the

emerging proposals. No meetings on this subject have

been held with the British Bankers Association or the

Association of British Insurers.

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport

what proportion of the cost of constructingHigh Speed 2

is intended to be used for compensation for (a) private

households and (b) businesses on the route of Phase 1

of High Speed 2 up until the beginning of train services

on that route. [171079]

MrGoodwill: It is not possible to provide this information

in the form requested. We do not expect to be able to

estimate the costs of purchasing land fromowner-occupiers

to this level of detail until we have concluded the

current consultation and decided our approach to

discretionary compensation, and we do not expect to be

able to estimate the costs of compensation for businesses

to this level of detail until after the passage of the

proposed Hybrid Bill.

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport

how many households will experience a diminution in

value of their property due to the proximity of High

Speed 2. [171086]

Mr Goodwill: We do not hold this data. It would be

impossible to construct such a forecast because the

predicted effect of the railway in a given location is only

one factor that influences confidence in the housing

market. We are currently consulting on discretionary

purchase schemes to enable those most affected by

generalised blight to sell their homes to the Government

at unblighted values through purchase schemes or via a

property bond.

Mrs Gillan: To ask the Secretary of State for

Transport how many households are within (a) one

mile of the line and (b) 250 metres of a tunnel for (i)

Phase 1 and (ii) Phase 2 of the proposed route for High

Speed 2. [171087]

Mr Goodwill: The information is in the following


Properties within one mile of the line when it runs on the surface
Phase 1 Phase 2
211,388 281,666
Properties within 250 metres of the line when it runs in tunnel
Phase 1 Phase 2
28,747 17,718

721W Written Answers 16 OCTOBER 2013 Written Answers 722W


1. These figures show numbers of residential properties as a proxy for


2. Numbers are estimates obtained from Ordnance Survey data

combined with Royal Mail data based on properties with a postal

delivery address.

3. Numbers for Phase 2 refer to the alignment used in the current Line

of Route consultation.

4. Some properties in the Euston/HS1 Link areas will be counted in

both tables.