Consultation fatigue’ over HS2

17 July 2013

Consultation fatigue’ over HS2
The Phase 2 consultation for HS2 launched today runs the
risk of “consultation fatigue”, Warwickshire County Council
has warned.

The consultation for the ‘Y-route’ northward to Leeds,
which is planned to go through North Warwickshire, has been
launched this week by HS2 Limited.

Cllr Bob Stevens, Warwickshire County Council’s Cabinet
member for HS2, warned that communities affected by the
route will struggle to cope with another consultation so
soon after the previous ones.

He said: “I’m all for asking the public for their opinion,
but communities along the route must now be reaching the
point of consultation fatigue. To launch yet another
substantial consultation on the back of responding to the
draft Environmental Statement (ES) last week makes the
process relentless.

“I fear that HS2 Limited has not learnt anything from their
phase one of experience of dealing with communities, and it
is doomed to repeat the same mistakes in phase two – and we
will be left to work with the affected communities and to
pick up the pieces.”

HS2 Limited has come under continued fire for producing a
lack of data and detail since it launched the phase 1 plans
for the rail link from London to Birmingham in 2010.

Only last week the county council published its response to
the draft ES which it described as being deficient in a
number of key areas.

Cllr Stevens said that HS2 Limited had been asked to
include consultation events at Kingsbury and Polesworth but
had ignored the request and the closest event is being held
in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

He added: “It is too early to say what our specific
thoughts on the detailed route are for this consultation,
but we are appalled that HS2 Limited has failed to listen
to the advice of the county and borough officers to include
consultation events at both Kingsbury and Polesworth. To
assume the residents of North Warwickshire identify with
Tamworth – which is over the border – shows a complete
misunderstanding of the local community.”

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