HS2 in Hansard 04/05/2013

High Speed 2 Railway Line
Helen Goodman: To ask the Secretary of State for
Transport what assessment he has made of the potential
effect on the (a) frequency, (b) regularity and (c)
speed of passenger rail services on the North East
Coast mainline of the (i) construction of and (ii)
introduction of rail services on High Speed 2. [163048]
Mr Simon Burns: HS2 Ltd has undertaken a high
level study into the implications of running on the east
coast mainline between Church Fenton and Newcastle.
At this stage, we do not anticipate that construction of
HS2 will affect the frequency, regularity or speed of
services on the ECML although there could be some
localised impacts around the link to the classic network
at Church Fenton.
On introduction of the rail services on HS2, there are
not likely to be any impacts on the speed of passenger
services between Church Fenton and Newcastle, albeit
that services which run on the high speed network south
of herewill benefit with significant journey time reductions
to London and Birmingham as well as the intermediate
stations in the east midlands and South Yorkshire.
By providing newcapacity for long distance interurban
services, HS2 offers opportunities to improve frequency
and regularity of services to Newcastle from London
and Birmingham from capacity released on the classic
HS2 is also mentioned in other parts as well