Design Refinement Consultation

On 16 May 2013, the Secretary of State for Transport announced the launch of the HS2 Phase One Design Refinement consultation.

This consultation began on 16 May 2013 and will close on 11 July 2013. CONSULTATION PERIOD NOW CLOSED.

Since the Government’s announcement on its preferred route for Phase One, engineers and environmental specialists have continued developing the design of this route to ensure that it is as efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly as is practicable, whilst also minimising impact on communities.

This work has led HS2 Ltd to refine the design of the railway and in a small number of locations propose refinements to the design that go beyond simply developing the January 2012 design.

In these cases the Secretary of State has decided to formally consult on his preferred option for a change.

This will allow him to take the views of the public into consideration before making a final decision on whether the changes should be included within the design of HS2 submitted with the hybrid bill.

To view the Design Refinement Consultatio please visit :