Y Route maps

This set of maps provides a detailed depiction of the HS2 phase two West Midlands to Leeds and Manchester line of route.

Route maps

The overall route is shown on the two route maps: ‘Route map West Midlands to Leeds’ and ‘Route map West Midlands to Manchester’. The route maps also illustrate how the route has been split into route sections and gives the section reference number for each section.

Line of route plan and profile maps

The plan and profile maps show the specific line of the route on Ordnance Survey mapping background. The bottom portion of each map depicts the profile of the line in relation to the ground – for example, showing where the line is in a cutting or on an embankment, bridge or viaduct. They also show indicative road diversions and junction layouts.

The plan and profile maps are organised by route section, and each section has a key map showing the extent covered by the plan and profile maps. The scale used for each map is shown on the map and varies depending on rural or urban location.

Route map West Midlands to Leeds

Plan of the initial preferred route from the West Midlands to Leeds showing which route section covers which area.

West Midlands to Leeds route section map – drawing number HS2-ARP-000-DR-RT-55001

PDF, 13.6MB, 1 page

Route section HSL01 Water Orton to Birchmoor

Route section HSL06 Birchmoor to Tonge

Route section HSL09 Tonge to Long Eaton

Route section HSL12/27 Long Eaton to Trowell

Route section HSL13 Trowell to Killamarsh

Route section HSL14 Killamarsh to Tinsley

Route section HSL15 Tinsley to Blackburn

Route section HSL16 Blackburn to Cold Hiendley

Route section HSL17 Cold Hiendley to Church Fenton

Route section HSL21 Cold Hiendley to Woodlesford

Route section HSL22 and HSL31 Woodlesford to Hunslet and Hunslet to Leeds New Lane Station