Noise form for communities

HS2 have said that discussions at Community Forums highlighted local concerns about the specific locations that HS2 acoustic consultants are using to gather background sound information. Some communities may also be concerned as to whether HS2 Consultants might be using or choosing specific locations that are not representative or typical of the community area and, as a result, whether local areas will be properly represented in the HS2 assessments and noise modelling.

To improve engagement with local communities the local Community Forum representatives (or action group) are invited to assist in the sound monitoring surveys that will form the basis of their baseline assessments. They have asked local representatives to identify locations that they feel typify local sound levels (high, medium, low) so that they can ensure that these are covered by existing or future proposed survey locations.

HS2 Ltd will consider the proposals for monitoring location and if their specialist consultants feel that any locations suggested are already represented by the locations used they will be able to indicate this to the community representatives. Where they feel that the locations suggested are not adequately covered by their assessment and are a valued proposal for monitoring they will include these locations in their ongoing assessments (subject to landowner permission being granted and the sites being secure for the purposes of monitoring).

HS2 Localised sound monitoring locations (msword, 185kb)