Responding to HS2 Consultation

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You are asked to respond to the 7 consultation questions by 29 July 2011.  You should provide a cover letter stating clearly how you feel about HS2, and state that you wish your lettter to be considered as part of your response. This letter, along with your answers to the 7 questions, must be in your own words.  You might want to consider including some of the following points in your letter:

  • you oppose HS2 because it is NOT how we want to spend £30bn of our money ie opportunity cost (take a leaf out of the ‘AV’ book and would rather have x number of doctors, hospitals etc or the money spent on roads etc etc)
  • we are not like the EU, and other things in UK are higher priority, go on to give examples
  • you can see no robust evidence that one new train line, that reduces journey times by 30 mins (in today’s timetable), will in 16 years, solve the North Sourth divide
  • you found the consultation materials difficult to understand, the questions ambiguous, and leading

See for some sample responses.