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  • Greengauge21 – Capturing the Benefits (pdf, 1.8Mb) Research published 15th February 2011 by Greengauge 21 shows that building HS2, the new high-speed line from London to the West Midlands, opens up lots of opportunities for new services on the existing rail network to meet local needs.
  • Greengauge21 – Consequences for Employment and Economic Growth (pdf, 2.3Mb) The outputs of the KPMG study are only reported at a regional level – and the focus of the study was to estimate national impacts. A greater level of disaggregation is not available and may not be as robust as the regional or national impacts as they have not modelled local changes in accessibility that may arise from any enhanced local transport connections to HSR stations. For Warwickshire, the key to securing economic benefits will be in securing (a) good connections to the HSR stations at Birmingham and (b) ensuring that the capacity released on existing railway lines (e.g. the West Coast Main Line through Coventry) is used in a way that benefits the sub-region.