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The maps are made up of different layers of data and show:

  • Proposed High Speed 2 route and 1km buffer.
  • Administration Boundaries.
  • County Council Properties.
  • Archeological Monument Locations.
  • Ecological Areas of Interest.
  • Historic Landscape Character.
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Warwickshire maps

 Detailed maps updated: 22 February, 2011.

The county map and the three 1:50,000 scale maps are based on the HS2 proposed route data provided to Warwickshire County Council by HS2 Ltd. in December 2010. This is the finalised route that HS2 Ltd. are taking to public consultation in March 2011.The maps will be updated again if and when HS2 Ltd. send updated details of the route, or the authority obtains new data layers that may be of interest to the public. See the data sources for data currently held by the authority and presented here in the map evidence base. Most of the data layers included on the maps have been but cut to 1km either side of the currently proposed route, and within the Warwickshire County Boundary.

Data sources

The data included on the maps date from December 2010 or later, unless otherwise stated.

Ordnance Survey (OS)

* County Boundary (April 2010).

* District/Borough Boundaries (April 2010).

* Parish Boundaries (April 2010).

* 1:50,000 B/W Base Map (August 2009).

HS2 Ltd / Department for Transport UK (DfT)

* HS2 Proposed Route (split into categories).

* Individual Detailed Maps.

English Heritage

* Listed Buildings.

Warwickshire County District/Boroughs (North Warwickshire Borough, Warwick District, Stratford-on-Avon District)

* Conservation Areas (from various dates, depending on District/Borough. Areas collated Autumn 2010).

Warwickshire County Council (WCC):

Observatory/Corporate GIS Team:

* Detailed Map Reference Boxes.

* HS2 Proposed Route Stations.

* HS2 Proposed Route – 1km buffer.

Countryside Access:

* Public Rights of Way. 


* Country Parks.

* Property Locations.

Field Services (Archaeology)

* Archaeological Sites & Monuments.

* Historic Landscape Character (HLC)

Field Services (Ecology)

* Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

* Regionally Important Geological or Geomorphological Sites (RIGS).

* Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) (formally known as SINC sites).

* Local Nature Reserves (LNR).

* Ecosites.

* Protected Species Areas (generalised to 1km OS grid squares – August 2010).